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Incorporating companies and partnerships. Shareholders, directors, employees, creditors and other stakeholders dispute resolutions.

Debt Recovery

Debts that are 30 days past due has a higher chance of default. Quickly demand what is rightfully yours.

Accident & Personal Injury Claims

We will ensure that you are adequately compensated. If necessary, we will also help you to arrange to consult a medical specialist to determine the full extent and seriousness of your injury

Family Law

It is difficult to differentiate the "winner" and the "loser" in matrimonial dispute. It is important to minimise the acrimony and discontent between parties. Our accredited family lawyers often work tirelessly to meet your desired outcome.


Buying and Selling properties should be hassle free. We offer hassle free fees from as low as S$888 onwards.


Whether it is blue collar crime or white collar crime, a conviction will have serious impact on your freedom and future. Our criminal-defense team has good track record defending your interests.

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Recent Events

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  • We are honoured and humbled to receive the Outstanding Contribution Award from Legal Aid Bureau (LAB). As we reflect back to those beginning years of working with LAB, what was so quickly noticeable were the sincerity displayed by LAB. They have a big heart. Unambiguously, we remind ourselves each day in helping and serving the less privileged with access to justice.
  • Congratulations to our lawyer Mr Wilson Foo for winning LAB's Nova Award for his dedicated contribution to LAB. Being someone who has studied a degree in computer science and in law, he tends to have a wider perspective which often lead to a more creative and lateral approach to legal problems
  • Our criminal-defense team has recently successfully worked to spare 2 accused from death penalty in 2 separate capital drug cases. We are extremely proud of them, especially to the lawyers, Mr Ferlin Jayatissa and Mr Joseph Lum
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