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  • Positions Available Currently

    Associate :   
      2 positions
    Senior Associate :   
      1 position
    Trainee under Relevant Legal Training :   
      2 positions
    Trainee under Training Contract :   
      2 positions
    Junior Secretary :   
      1 position
    Paralegal :   
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  • Associate

    No one possess all the right qualities from the start. As a junior associate progresses through their practice, they will eventually learn, hone and improve the following skills ;
    • Aptitude to learn new areas of law
    • Analytical and Logical reasoning ability
    • Attention to detail
    • Collaboration skills
    • Decision maker in legal submission
    • Drive, Determination and Resilience
    • Efficient communication skill to let people understand theory of law, positions and arguments
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Flair of Persuasiveness
    • Technological affinity
    • Time Management

  • Senior Associate

    In addition to qualities possessed by an associate, a Senior Associate should also possess;
    • Adaptability
    • Commercial awareness
    • Commitment
    • Entrepreneurial Instinct
    • Intellectual ability
    • Leadership qualities
    • Motivation
    • Tenacity

  • Paralegal & Secretary

    The Paralegal / Sectary should generally have the following qualities (don’t worry if you do not possess some of them).
    • Able to change direction and priorities on a moment’s notice
    • Accomplished in the use of technology applications
    • Ability to anticipate an attorney’s needs
    • Build and maintain firm/client support
    • Conduct legal research online and records searches
    • Extremely organized and detail oriented
    • Good logical problem solving skills
    • Good listeners who have the ability to follow directions
    • Maintain confidentiality
    • Organize and simplify large amounts of information
    • Patience with clients who have continual questions about their case
    • Proof read and perform cite checks
    • “Thick skin” mentality when it comes to abrupt lawyers with deadlines looming
    • Time Management
    • Work well independently and manage well under pressure
    • Write clear and effective correspondence

  • Interns, Trainees under Relevant Legal Training or Training Contract

    You will be given challenging work that will help you to develop the necessary skill set needed as a qualified Advocate & Solicitor
    • Analytical mind
    • Asking the right questions
    • Commercial awareness
    • Good Interpersonal Skills
    • Motivation and drive
    • Organize and simplify large amounts of information
    • Passion for the law firm
    • Planning ahead
    • Teamwork
    • Thinking out legal strategies, solutions and arguments
    • Working late hours is a given
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